This week, Bill Glazer—one of the smartest marketers in the world, and someone you definitely should pay attention to—is launching his new book.

It’s called OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful.

I’ve never seen a book like it. Bill called in every favour he could and got 49 of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in the world to let you behind the scenes of their most successful campaigns.

Everything is laid out for you step-by-step to copy and create your own OUTRAGEOUS campaigns.

Time after time…

Could it be any easier?

Now, not many people know this, but a couple of years ago, Bill had a stroke that put him out of action for a while.

So, although the book is all about making your business OUTRAGEOUSLY successful, there’s another bigger purpose to it.

Bill is giving ALL the proceeds from sales of the book to a not-for-profit VA program that cares for stroke victims and ensures they get the support they need to help them recover.

That’s TWO GREAT REASONS to head over to this link: and grab your copy.

But there’s a THIRD REASON to get it THIS WEEK. If you buy before April 13, Bill will GIVE YOU his paunch team swipe file: every email, social media post and image that he gave his JV partners to launch the book – it’s worth THOUSANDS. And you can use them as inspiration for your own launch campaigns for ANY product or service.

It isn’t on Amazon, because Bill wants to give as much money as possible to the stroke program (not to Amazon). So you can ONLY get it at

Head over there right now.

To your success

Greg Noland



P.S. You’re bound to find at least one, and probably half a dozen, ways to grow your business in this book!

P.P.S. Remember: all the proceeds go to charity (so buy a few extra copies for your friends!).

P.P.S. Buy your copy before April 13th so you can get Bill’s swipe file