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Right now, your social media is probably full of people sharing pics of how much younger they looked 10 years ago…

How they’re gonna go vegan or give up boozing in 2020…

And cut out all the negative vibes in their life.

Well done, I’d say.

I’m not one to poop on New Year’s Resolutions. For some, they work really well.

Everything starts with a plan, right?

But I’ve just learnt New Year’s Resolutions are NOT the best for me.

As we close one decade and open another, I’m more interested in trying to get the little things right every single day.

Not to necessarily live each day outlandishly; just purposefully.

In the direction of what I want to achieve and how I want to live.

I guess they are more rules for life…

They’re about giving priority to what matters most.

The things that nurture my mind.

The things that prime my body for optimum health.

The things that give me the most happiness.

And not being distracted by stupid stuff I can’t control.

Like politicians planning their death campaigns.

Crazy disagreements that don’t matter. That usually wash over pretty soon anyway.


And be more committed to improving myself as a copywriter.

Look, I know I’ve been in the copywriting game a long time.

But I still feel I have a lot to learn.

Still feel I can improve.

Yes, I’m happy when I can help my copywriting clients improve their business…

Help them fulfil their greatest business desires…

But I always know I can do more.


Plus on the personal side, I know I can be a better listener.

I know I can be less judgemental.


But my number 1 rule for 2020 is…

Is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW pushing me further towards my greatest goals?

I’ve printed this sentence out and it’s above my work desk.

So I’m forced to see it every time I’m on my computer.

Now, I’ve never been a social media junkie…

But there are other things I let zap my time.

That force me to lose focus.

And that sign above my desk, WILL help me improve focus in 2020.

And become an even better copywriter.


Life is way too short to piss it away on pathetically useless stuff.

Look how fast the last 10 years went by…

I know I will get more done in the next 3 years than I did in the whole of the last decade.

That’s my number 1 goal.


So what’s your number one over-arching goal for the next 3 years?


Please remember…

“Your future has not been written.”


That’s all I got for you…

Greg “10 years in 3” Noland

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