If you’ve been trying to make money online for any length of time, you’ll know quality traffic, and very strong content are king. They go hand in hand. Without quality content, it will be hard to have quality traffic.

And without regular quality content your traffic will dry up faster than a gnat’s ass in a sandstorm.

How Do You Create Quality Traffic?

There are as many ways to get traffic as Tiger Woods has had girlfriends. But the one I want to discuss today is Ezine Articles.

From what I understand http://EzineArticles.com is the largest article directory on the web. You should use others too, but this one, in my opinion should be your bread and butter, and your first port of call.

First, you create a diamond quality article, and then you post on the Ezine Articles site to drive traffic to your website.

A Strong Word of Warning About Ezine Articles

This is a very high quality directory website for a reason. The watchdogs at Ezine Articles are exceptional at rooting through crap. If you have stripped your article from the internet, or somewhere similar, they will find out.

Ezine Articles do not use an automated computer system which you think you can beat. They are very experienced and meticulously at sorting through to the cream.

Respect their site, and all the users, and only produce your best, original work.

Are You Ready To Get Started on Ezine Articles?

After you have signed up, you are given the opportunity to submit ten articles. After the first ten, your account is not allowed to submit any more. In about a week’s time, their editor’s will look over your account and choose if you will be upgraded.

This is when you will either be upgraded to ‘Basic Plus’ status, which will allow you 25 more submissions.

Alternatively you might be upgraded to ‘Platinum Author’ status. This is the ‘you beaut’ you’re looking for.

This is because your articles will be approved quicker. And their platinum level allows you to submit unlimited articles.

In my experience once you are a platinum level author your articles won’t be rejected so easily for minor technicalities.

How Do You Get Platinum Status?

expert author statusI think the best way to obtain platinum level status the fastest is to just forget about your business when producing your first ten articles.

Don’t try and sell your pants off as you might usually.

Concentrate on producing valuable articles which give value to people. Dig deep down, and share your life experiences. Share when you really did something stupid. Share when you achieved something you are proud of. Share when you really did something of value to help another person.

Now, don’t say you’ve never helped anyone, or never done anything decent in your life. Because that’s just rubbish! If you think hard enough, you definitely have done something of value for someone.

AND if you truly are struggling to think of something, stop reading this right now, walk out your front door, and walk up to ten people with a massive smile and say this:

“How are you today, I hope you have a fabulous day” – or something thereabouts.

After you have said it to ten people, come back to your computer and write about the experience.


These first ten articles that you submit should be about 500 words.

Make sure your articles are uplifting and useful. Make sure they have a message which teaches your readers something of value.

And BEFORE you post anything, you must read through carefully and check for grammar and spelling.

A good rule I use, is to always come back to my articles after checking for grammar and spelling, at least 20 minutes later. More is better. Then read through again, and edit for style and content.

There is a lot of information on the Ezine Articles website to help you produce quality content, so don’t rush in, study it, and use their advice.

Now, go on, create your account, and get writing some awesome content. Don’t just sit there thinking about it, ACT NOW!


Always dedicated to your success,

Greg Noland




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