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As an affiliate marketer you’ll well know it is hard to choose really strong affiliate marketing products to promote.

There are obviously thousands of new products hitting the market all the time. It is really hard to keep up with the affiliate marketplace.

It could easily be a full time job. But most affiliate marketers are not full time.

If you’re fairly new to affiliate marketing you need to find an edge for at least these two reasons.

  • To cut the learning curve
  • To start making some money, even if it’s just to pay for your traffic

Fortunately help is available in the form of the Affiliate Titan Goldmine, a four program software suite.

Launch Pulse

The first product in the Affiliate Titan Goldmine suite is called Launch Pulse.

This software will help you find profitable new launches happening on a number of affiliate marketing websites including JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and ClickbankB. This program searches for profitable launches happening in real time.

The software is updated every 24 hours so you’ll be always on top of the game and able to find the affiliate marketing products mostly likely to have the largest launches.

This competitive edge will help you to start making real affiliate commissions.

You can filter the list by JV prize, commission percentages, competition from inside YouTube and Google and the price to buy into the program.

This is all before the affiliating marketing product is being offered for sale to the general public, allowing you to buy into the program from the get go.

And most importantly, BEFORE your competitors.

Click Bank Top 100

The next software I want to tell you about is CB 100.

This new web based software will allow you to search the ClickBank marketplace for the most profitable ClickBank affiliate marketing offers. The software is updated once every 24 hours automatically to help you find the most valuable offers, some of which can generate thousands of dollars per day.

You can filter your results by commission size, age, affiliate referral percentages, gravity, niche and a number of other filters.

This will give you the ability to make the best decisions for your business and make sure you make the most profit.

King of The Zoo

The next software is called King of the Zoo.

This one is my favourite in the suite and will help you find profitable affiliate marketing programs on JVZoo.

JVZoo is the industry leader right now in the affiliate market place, so it makes sense to dominate it.

King of the Zoo is updated every 12 hours and includes a number of search filters to give you the ability to view affiliate marketing products by data such as conversion rates, EPC, price, units sold and the value of their launches at over USD 10,000.

Products searched for are ranked on a scale of 0 to 10 as measured over the last seven days.

1 Click Affiliate Software Tool

The last software I want to tell you about is called 1 Click Affiliate Software.

This software will allow you write profit pulling copy for your affiliate marketing landing pages.

This is one of the fastest ways I know to produce copy for all your affiliate marketing campaigns.

This software uses a database of templates preloaded with over a hundred affiliate marketing paragraphs and headlines, all statistically chosen to help you produce copy that converts.

The software also includes a huge selection of SEO friendly words and phrases which will help you attract prospects to your affiliate marketing websites like a powerful money magnet.

Affiliate Titan Conclusion

Affiliate Titan Goldmine won’t make you a dime unless you have a strategy for your affiliate product promotions.

That’s easier said than done, right?

Without a high quality strategy, you’re just going to be spinning wheels in the dirt.

Your strategy needs to include how you’re going to target the right niche, how you are going to get the right traffic, how to design the right offers and how to use proper conversion methods…

So, to help you maximize your results I’m creating some specific affiliate training to help you ‘Build a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business’…

I haven’t decided on the exact length of the training or the final price for this monthly training…

I’d love to know exactly what your biggest problems you are facing right now which is preventing you from building your Affiliate Marketing Business.

So why don’t you drop me an email and let me know how I can help you?

For the first ten (10) people to email me I’ll reward you with your first month of coaching free!!

I know, I know, super generous offer…

So before you forget, go on email me now and let’s get your business moving towards profit!!

greg-noland-australiaAlways Dedicated to Your Success,
Greg Noland 


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