Welcome to Day 9 in this 14 Day Success Training Series.

Les starts off Day 9 talking about a topic dear to my heart, Self Commitment.

In my experience so many of my friends from my school days see me later on in life and tell me, “Oh, you’re so lucky, I’d love to be able to live in an exotic country, I’d love to be able to travel the world whenever you feel like it, Oh, you’re so lucky”.

And I tell them every time; I’m not lucky, I just work harder than them. I just know my targets better than them. I forget the complaining most people do and take action.

Les Brown tells us that we can see people who are committed through the action they take. And that people who are committed are busy “doing it”.

This reminds me of the guys who are in the ‘safe jobs’ but as soon as they get off at 5pm, 6pm or whatever, and on a Friday, do nothing to further their career.

They feel they are in a safe job, so don’t need to do any re-training unless pushed.

This in my mind means they are actually going backwards, not steadily moving along as they may think.

Who do you think is going to do better in life out of these two people?

Salesman A: Gets off at 5pm every day and does nothing to further his personal development. Same for Friday night, does nothing until he goes back to work Monday.

Salesman B: He knows he has to cut the grass at his house, wash his car, take his sons to karate classes on Saturday morning, take the Mrs shopping at some point over the weekend. Meet the lads on Saturday night for snooker night.

  • He loads up his iPhone with sales training and because he knows his company he very interested in moving into the Chinese market, he buys a basic course in Chinese language.
  • At every point that he gets a spare moment over the weekend, even in the 20 minute taxi ride to meet his mates, he’s going to listen to his sales training and his Chinese language.
  • He takes his new ‘Super Salesman’ book he bought on Amazon to his kids’ Karate class, and rather than read the newspaper like the other parents do, he’s going to read something of value to further his skills and knowledge.
  • On Sunday morning he wakes up before the whole family, and plans to watch as many training videos on mastering Excel as he can, because he knows last week not knowing Excel tripped him up at work.

I could go on and on, but it’s not difficult to know which Salesman is going to be the most successful in life.

So are you Salesman A or Salesman B?

I sometimes pity my wife because we never listen to music in the car anymore. But I have far too much to learn to waste time listening to jingles when I can listen to my mentors like Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace or Dan Kennedy. I am committed to being the best copywriter on the planet and that takes commitment.

What are you committed to learning, to mastering?

If you don’t currently have a plan to master a skill, you’d better think of one quickly.

There’s no time to waste. Your life is important, don’t waste another day.


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If you don’t know Les Brown he is one of the very best motivational speakers in the world. He is such an inspiration to so many people, in and outside of business. His lectures will inspire you too to become successful and get more happiness in your life by changing your mind-set.


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