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Welcome to Day 7 in this 14 Day Success Series.

Les starts this motivational video by reminding us to take an emotional inventory of our lives on a regular basis. This is very important, so please give me your maximum attention. 

Have you thought about the people around you lately, the ones you spend the most time with? Are they helping you succeed?

Or are they holding you back?

Are they a hindrance to achieving your goals in life? If they are then you seriously need to think about shedding some of that ‘luggage burden’.

They will only continue to hold you back, they will rarely change their negative attitudes. So the sooner you shake them off your coat tails, the better.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a REALLY difficult part of your life. It is not going to be easy. But you MUST follow through IF you are totally serious about being successful.

I had to go through this too. The problem for me is that no one told me to get rid of those so called friends. This delayed the time I eventually shook that burden from my life.

But I’m telling you my success shot up from the time I got rid of all those dead-weights. I’ve never been more successful or happy. You can do this too. Be strong. And take action.

Then Les moves on to remind us to question ourselves about how we are doing with our professional development. How many books have you read this week? How many seminars have you been to this year? How many webinars have you taken part of this month?

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Have you ever worried that you just don’t have the computer skills to make any money online? Or perhaps you just don’t know where to start.

I know how you feel because I was in your position just a few years ago. This is when I decided I had to learn how to use my computer for much more than just checking email.

But where should I start? There was just so much I didn’t know. I was overloaded with technology and doubt. Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure you have, because everyone who is successful online today was once where you are right now.

But don’t lose heart. You can do it. You can learn the skills you will need to make a good living online, and then quit the job you dislike so much. And finally be your own boss.

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This video has been created to respect Les Brown and to help introduce you to the power of his seminars. Hopefully you’ll be totally moved by his passion, and this short video will help you make a better life for you and your family.

If you don’t know Lesley Brown he is one of the very best motivational speakers in the world. He is such an inspiration to so many people, in and outside of business. His lectures will inspire you too to become successful and get more happiness in your life by changing your mindset.


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