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My Review of Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Copywriting Method

Are you a business owner looking to boost your online sales?

Are you tired of spending hours writing sales letters and creating sales pages and landing pages that don’t deliver the desired results?

If so, then you’re in luck! In this review, we will be diving deep into Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method, a revolutionary copywriting system that has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve remarkable success.

And helped good copywriters become top direct response copywriters.

Get ready to learn about the unique mechanism behind the RMBC Method, the incredible results it produces, and how it can transform your online business. So, let’s get started!

Copywriting is an essential skill for any online business owner or copywriter. The ability to craft persuasive and compelling sales copy is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. But writing effective sales letters and creating high-converting sales pages can be a daunting task. 

That’s where Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method comes into play.

Stefan Georgi, one of the world’s top copywriters, developed the RMBC Method after years of honing his craft. This proven system allows business owners and freelance copywriters to write highly persuasive and engaging sales copy in less time and with better results. By following the principles of the RMBC Method, you can create sales pages that captivate your audience, address their pain points, and ultimately drive them to take action.

The bottom line is – Stefan’s RMBC Method produces results. So, if you are a freelance copywriter you need to pay attention. 

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The RMBC Method: A Breakdown of the Steps

Ok, let me give you a breakdown of this multi-step system. 

Step 1: Research

The first step of the RMBC Method is thorough market research. Stefan Georgi emphasizes the importance of understanding your target audience, their pain points, and their desires. By conducting in-depth customer research, you gain valuable insights that allow you to create sales copy that resonates with your audience on a deep level. This is arguably the most important step of the whole RMBC Method. Because if you want to become one of the world’s best copywriters, you MUST master research. 


Step 2: Mechanism

The second step revolves around identifying and developing a unique mechanism for your copy. This is the “secret sauce” that sets your product or service apart from the competition. By highlighting your unique mechanism in your sales copy, you capture the attention of your audience and create intrigue. This step has very powerful modules which might take a while to get your head around. Honestly, it isn’t easy to find the right unique mechanism. Even brilliant copywriters can struggle with this part of their copy. So, don’t beat yourself up, if you don’t master unique mechanisms from the get-go. 


Step 3: Brief

Next, with each easy-to-follow walkthrough video in this section, Stefan shows you how to create a brief that outlines the key elements of your sales letter or sales page. This brief serves as a blueprint for your copy and ensures that you cover all the necessary points to effectively communicate the value of your offer. And once you finish your brief, you’ll have a large chunk of your copy already finished. Some say this step is Stefan’s secret sauce in being able to write world-class copy so quickly.  


Step 4: Copy

With the brief in hand, you can now begin writing your sales copy. The RMBC Method provides a clear structure and framework to follow, making the copywriting process easier and more efficient. You’ll learn how to craft compelling headlines, engaging opening paragraphs, and persuasive sales arguments that drive your audience to take action.


Step 5: Rewrite

After completing the initial draft of your sales copy, it’s time to refine and polish it. The RMBC Method teaches you effective rewriting techniques to make your copy more persuasive and impactful. Through multiple iterations and refinements, you’ll create a sales page that truly resonates with your target audience.


Step 6: Testimonials and Guarantees

In this step, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of testimonials and guarantees to further boost the credibility and trustworthiness of your offer. Stefan Georgi shares his strategies for gathering compelling testimonials and crafting strong guarantees that remove any doubts or objections from your potential customer’s mind.


Step 7: Order Form

The final step of the RMBC Method focuses on optimizing your order form to maximize conversions. Stefan Georgi provides insights into creating a seamless and user-friendly order form that encourages visitors to complete their purchases. By removing any friction or barriers in the buying process, you increase the chances of turning prospects into customers.

The Results Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method Produces

One of the key reasons why the RMBC Method has gained widespread acclaim is the incredible results it produces. Business owners who have implemented this copywriting system have experienced significant improvements in their sales and conversions. By leveraging the power of direct response copywriting, market research, and the principles of persuasion, the RMBC Method has become a game-changer for many entrepreneurs.

Increased Conversion Rates

The RMBC Method helps business owners craft highly persuasive sales copy that resonates with their target audience. By addressing the pain points and desires of their customers, they can create a strong connection and drive more conversions. This means more sales and increased revenue for your online business.

Effective Communication of Value Proposition

One of the challenges many business owners face is effectively communicating the value of their product or service. The RMBC Method provides a clear and structured framework to showcase the unique mechanism and benefits of your offer. By following this approach, you can convey the value proposition in a way that captivates your audience and compels them to take action.

Engaging and Compelling Copy

Writing copy that grabs attention and keeps readers engaged is an art. With the RMBC Method, you’ll learn how to craft compelling headlines, captivating opening paragraphs, and persuasive sales arguments. This leads to copy that not only keeps your audience hooked but also motivates them to make a purchase.

Better Understanding of Your Target Audience

Market research is a fundamental aspect of the RMBC Method. By diving deep into understanding your target audience, their pain points, and desires, you gain valuable insights that allow you to create highly targeted and relevant sales copy. This deeper understanding of your audience can result in stronger connections and more conversions.

Streamlined Copywriting Process

One of the most significant benefits of the RMBC Method copywriting course is that it streamlines the copywriting process. With its clear step-by-step structure, you can save time and effort by following a proven framework. This allows you to create high-quality sales copy in less time, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.


The Bottom Line: Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method is a Game-Changer for Copywriters

Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method has revolutionized the world of copywriting for online business owners. By providing a systematic approach to crafting persuasive and high-converting sales copy, the RMBC Method has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve remarkable success. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just starting, implementing this method can significantly improve your sales letters, sales pages, and overall copywriting skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and explore the world of the RMBC Method. It may just be the holy grail you’ve been searching for to take your online business to new heights.


Q1: Can anyone benefit from Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method?

Absolutely! The RMBC Method is designed for business owners, copywriters, and anyone involved in writing sales copy. Whether you’re a freelancer, an e-commerce store owner, or an aspiring copywriter, this method can help you improve your skills and achieve better results. Just make sure you engage through the whole process as this is a comprehensive course and not designed for you to pick and choose sections.

Q2: Are there any bonus modules or resources included in the RMBC Method program?

Yes, Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method program includes bonus modules and resources to further enhance your copywriting skills. These additional modules cover topics such as subject lines, customer research, Facebook ads, and email copy. These valuable resources provide additional insights and strategies to take your copywriting game to the next level.

Q3: How long does it take to see results with the RMBC Method?

The time it takes to see results may vary depending on various factors such as your current skill level, the effort you put into implementing the method, and the nature of your business. However, many users have reported seeing improvements in their sales and conversions shortly after applying the principles of the RMBC Method.

Q4: Is the RMBC Method suitable for beginners in copywriting? Absolutely! The RMBC Method provides a structured framework that guides beginners through the process of writing persuasive sales copy. The step-by-step approach and clear instructions make it accessible and beneficial for copywriting beginners who want to improve their skills and achieve better results.

Q5: Does Stefan Georgi offer any support or guidance with the RMBC Method?

Yes, Stefan Georgi provides support and guidance when you enroll in the RMBC Method program. In fact, he is building a small team of phenomenal writers right now.

Whether it’s through online communities, coaching calls, or access to a dedicated support team, you’ll have resources to help you along your copywriting journey.

Q6: Can the RMBC Method be applied to different industries and niches?

Absolutely! The principles and strategies taught in the RMBC Method can be applied to various industries and niches. The core principles of understanding your target audience, crafting a unique mechanism, and persuasive copywriting techniques are universally applicable. Whether you’re in the health and wellness industry, e-commerce, or any other niche, the RMBC Method can help you create sales copy that resonates with your specific target audience.

Final thoughts on my review of Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method

In the world of copywriting, the RMBC Method developed by Stefan Georgi stands out as a game-changer.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the best copywriting course I know of right now.

By following the clear and structured steps of this method, you can create persuasive sales copy that captivates your audience, addresses their pain points, and drives them to take action.

With a focus on market research, unique mechanisms, and persuasive storytelling, the RMBC Method empowers business owners and copywriters to achieve far better results and increase their online sales. And that is a beautiful thing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your copywriting skills and take your online business to new heights.

Embrace the RMBC Method and discover the power of persuasive copy that connects with your target audience. 

Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method is not just a course…

But a comprehensive system that can change the lives of many people by helping them create highly effective sales copy that drives conversions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the next step, grab instant access to the RMBC Method right now, and become a better copywriter today.

And perhaps tomorrow you’ll become the next Ben Settle, Jon Benson or Clayton Makepeace.

Because when you unlock the potential to write copy that converts like never before…

You open the door to the wildest riches internet marketing has to offer!

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The Greg Noland Copywriting & Marketing Blog - My review of The RMBC Method

If you’re serious about making a living out of copywriting, then I strongly suggest you have Stefan Georgi and his RMBC Method in your corner. 

Put it this way…

I don’t know anyone who has invested in the RMBC Method and regretted it…

If you follow the incredibly clear step by step method Stefan gives you throughout the RMBC Method, you will get results.

Thank me later…


Greg Noland

Red Scorpion’s Head Copywriter


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What Copywriters and Business Owners are Are Saying About The RMBC Method By Stefan Georgi

We’re On Track To Hit $200MM and RMBC is a Huge Reason Why!

“We started our company 5 years ago with $1,000. We’re on pace to do $200 million this year and I can tell you that Stefan Georgi is a huge piece of what made that possible. The second he walked me through his RMBC method I knew I had found the holy grail in copywriting. It was like someone had taken all of the best principles of copy and finally put it into an incredibly clear step by step system that just pulled high-level copy out of you. When the training was over, I didn’t sleep for 2 days. I went home and started cranking out our first VSL following his system and it went on to do over $50 million the next year. Since then we’ve gone 6 for 6 on writing offers that scale massively and profitable day one on cold traffic thanks to The RMBC Method… And I won’t work with a copywriter unless he or she follows Stefan’s RMBC method either. In fact, we train everyone inhouse on that method exclusively.”

-Nick Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of V Shred and Sculpt Nation


A Must-Have If You’re Serious About Writing High-Converting Copy

“Most copywriting teachers are only good at selling one thing: copywriting courses. Stefan, on the other hand, is out there doing it – writing winners that bring in big dollars in many different markets. If you’re serious about writing high-converting copy, I suggest you devour everything he puts out.”

-Craig Clemens Co-Founder of Golden Hippo


I’ve Been Through Every Copywriting System and Stefan’s RMBC Method Blows Them All Away!

“I’ve been through every copywriting system and course in existence in the last 15 years – from Kennedy to Jon Benson to Clayton Makepeace – but the results Stefan’s RMBC Method produces blows everything else away. It’s truly that powerful. 80% of the offers Stefan writes end up working on cold traffic. Even good copywriters can barely hit 30-40%. He’s batting 80%. But the craziest part is that his system is replicable for copywriters at any level. I’ve seen it firsthand in our Copy Accelerator group. People come in with mediocre copy and within two months of following RMBC, they’re writing stuff that’s scaling on Facebook. RMBC just flat out works. And it’s easy to understand. I really can’t recommend it enough.”

– Justin Goff, Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator


If This Doesn’t Make You A Better Copywriter, Nothing Will!

“The list of working, active copywriters who I believe are worth learning from is very short. Without a doubt, Stefan is one of them and his RMBC course proves it. If this doesn’t make you a better copywriter, nothing will.”

– Dan Ferrari, A List Copywriter


RMBC Allows Us To Beat Controls and Launch New Offers In A Fraction of The Time!

“As a business owner who writes most of our copy, I wear a lot of hats. Stefan’s RMBC Method has changed the game for us. It allows us to launch and refresh offers faster than I ever imagined possible. So I’m now able to focus way less time on writing copy, and more time growing the business as a whole.”

– Jay Deiboldt, Owner of Credit Secrets

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