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The ‘Ben Settle’ Secret to… “Clientless” Copywriting

How to Create Your Own $607,350 Copywriting Business… Without EVER Having to Land a Single Client… Writing Just 10 Minutes a Day, About Stuff You Love!

Dear Potential Copywriting Legend,

Hi, Greg Noland here.

I took Ben Settle’s 10 Minute Workday course just over a year ago.

A couple of days ago, I was contacted by AWAI telling me they have lopped off a whopping $1,000 from this course.

Was I a little miffed that I paid the full price of $2,500?

No, not at all. Because it only took me 6 weeks to get that money back. And every day since is ‘Money in The Bank’.

Many of my peers who took the course at the same time, got their $2,500 investment back in less than a month.

Well played guys…

Thanks to Ben’s 10 Minute Workday course I now make a large chunk of my income from my copywriting skills.

Ben mostly focusses on email copywriting these days…

But when you become a copywriter you’ll have a ton of choices at your disposal.

You can focus on writing for the ‘Travel niche’ if you love travelling…

Or if the ‘Health niche’ is more your gig, then you’ll find ample work.

It’s a massive niche. 

You can pick any sub-niche in the ‘Big Daddy Health niche’ and still find billions waiting…

If you look at the ‘digestive health niche’, in just the U.S., and you’ll find it’s a $12 billion niche.

The digestive enzyme supplements market alone is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025.

Other copywriters love long sales letters, popular in the financial niche…

If you choose this niche, just a few clients will keep you very, very busy.


Copywriters love what we do. We make good money. And most days, we’re finished writing by lunchtime.

But I don’t always have to start early.

I can get up at noon, and still make great money before it’s time for the gym in the early afternoon.

Email king Ben Settle is a whole different ballgame.

He’s able to generate well over a half-million- dollar income…

In 10 minutes a day…

Writing a simple one-page email, every day…

With ZERO clients…


How is Ben Settle able to work so little — and make so much money?

Ben is passionate about his writing. And even more passionate about his time.

He rarely lets the ‘Time Vampires’ suck his precious time.

All you have to do is set up the same kind of writing model Ben uses…

And do-it-yourself!

And that’s what I’m going to walk you through here, right now.

I’m going to tell you precisely how Ben Settle makes well over a half-million dollars a year… writing short emails…

In LESS time than it takes to have a Big Mac meal delivered to your house!

And more importantly…

How you can do it too — writing about almost anything that you’re passionate about.

I’ll explain everything you need to know…

We’ve even arranged a kind of “partnership” where, if you’d like Ben’s help setting up a writing business like his — he’ll help you out.

But before I get to that…

There are a couple of things I’ve learned about Ben that you should know.

One very important thing to know is — he is definitely not one of those workaholic, go-getter types you’d expect to be running such a profitable copywriting business.

In fact, the opposite is true.

He’s actually a complete slacker.

Ben’s choice of words, not mine.

And he makes no apologies. Why should he?

He told me flat-out — the less work he can get away with doing, the better for him.

“If I can make six-figures working an hour a day — tops — I’m happy,” he said.

So that’s “number one” about Ben.


The second thing that’s important to know is — he’s something of a loner… an introvert.

And he’s certainly not politically correct or “polished.”

Same goes for his writing.

Not everyone likes what he writes or agrees with what he has to say.

And that’s just fine with him…

In fact, as you’ll see in a minute… pushing the limits and rubbing people the wrong way is one of the secrets to his success… which is why I’m making a point to tell you about it now.


Jobless and Aimless

The other part of Ben’s story is something I can relate to…

He graduated from college with no real career in mind.

He didn’t fit the mold of a corporate ladder fan-boy. He knew from the get-go he was virtually “unemployable.”

Perhaps you feel the same

He bounced from job to job. He tried door-to-door sales and multi-level marketing, only to get himself in $50,000 worth of debt buying leads and products he couldn’t sell.

“I was a terrible face-to-face salesman. The minute I’d try to talk to someone about buying my stuff… I’d be at a loss for words. I dreaded it. I hated it. It just wasn’t for me and I was miserable at it.”

Ben was so down on his luck at one point that he had to sleep in a tiny office he rented for $250 a month because it was “cheaper than a real apartment.”

Every day, he’d wake up by 4 a.m.… pack up his bag of belongings… go to the local gym… take a shower… then walk the streets — until it was the appropriate time to “show up” at the office building.

But it was during these “dark times” that the seeds for his current success were sown.


So What Changed Everything for Ben Settle?

He came across a book by self-help and copywriting expert Joe Vitale called, 7 Lost Secrets of Success.

It was in Joe’s book that he learned about copywriting for the first time ever.

(If you haven’t read the 7 Lost Secrets of Success I urge you to grab a copy)

It was a revelation to Ben because he got a ‘slap upside the head’ that copywriting could help him make great money, without ever having to talk to or even meet any grumpy buyers!

Like many copywriters, Ben realized he needed copywriting and sales knowledge, so he bought books by the ‘Gods of Copywriting’ – Gene Schwartz and Gary Halbert, to name two, and eagerly read each of them more than 10 times!

And, just like you are now, he learned to write copy.

He’d found his calling — and he became very good!

So good that very soon “A-list” clients were lining up to hire him to write copy selling everything from health supplements to sporting goods.

Life was pretty decent…

Ben was now hitting six-figures writing multimillion-dollar ad campaigns.

He was getting “fan mail” from other A-List copywriters including David Deutsch and Brian Kurtz.

He was paid handsomely to fly in and help multimillion-dollar companies develop their copy and marketing strategies.

In fact, Ben was so good at copywriting that he started writing little “marketing tips” based on his own experience and sending them out to his growing list of online “fans.”

Little emails he’d send out to his growing list of online “fans.”

And it was all good — but hard work.


It Was “All Too Much”

After a while, the deadlines… the demands from clients… all the reading and research… the 20-hour days from taking on too many projects…

Ben had enough.

So he asked himself a question:

“With everything I know now about marketing and copywriting — how can I make good money without having to deal with clients, or work nearly as hard?”

And that’s when it dawned on him:

Those emails he was writing every day…

People loved the marketing insights he was giving out.

They were fun.

They were informative.

They were edgy.

And most of all, he enjoyed writing them!

What if he kept writing only those emails?

Instead of dealing with clients, he’d sell something useful to his readers each day.

Maybe just a $39 marketing report that his audience, marketers, would buy. He was a writer after all, so it would be easy to write.

He did the math…

If just 10 people out of thousands were to buy that report every day… for, say, $39… a price his readers could afford…

That’s $390 a day…

$142,350 per year.

Better still, what if he could also create a monthly subscription product, like a simple newsletter he could write in a day… that sold for $39 per month

If just 2 people each day signed up for it… he could be generating an additional $341,000 per year.

And what if he can include a more expensive, say $795 “backend” type of product that just three people a week ended up buying…

That’s another $124,000…

Well, you get the idea.

Suddenly you have the potential for a business with well over $607,350 in sales!

And you’re still making money by writing. Just no clients… no deadlines to deal with (except for your own!).

And here’s the beautiful part:

Once you “create” your products — all you have to do to generate that income is write a simple email to your “fans” once a day!

If this kind of lifestyle interest you, then Ben’s “10-Minute Workday” course could be exactly what you need…

Ben’s “10-Minute Workday” email writing business is tailor-made for anyone interested in writing for a living.

It’s a fun way to make a great living with a fraction of the effort traditional copywriters put in every day.

Fact is, there are thousands of people doing it…

“Introverts” like Ben who prefer not to “meet” with customers… deal with clients… sit in a cubicle… work to a schedule… be overwhelmed with deadlines.

People who, quite frankly, really don’t like to work!

They’d rather be doing other things… like travelling, hanging out by the pool, reading their favourite novels or playing golf…

And the very best thing is you can save $1,000 on the ticket price if you move fast.

Over, the next few days, April 15th to 19th…

…you have the chance to grab his mega-successful course, Ten-Minute Workday for a huge chunk off the list price of $2,500.

Here’s your link: offer expired


Look, Ben Settle might be a slacker now. But he didn’t get to where he is today by being slack.

He grafted back then, to afford him his lifestyle now.

If you decide to invest in Ben’s ‘Ten-Minute Workday’ today. You’ll need to work your butt off for the next 6 months learning everything you can from Ben Settle.

Then you’ll get the absolute maximum benefit from your $1,500 investment.

And probably get your investment back after your first month working with your new clients.

If you’re ready to do the work to get to the lifestyle you desire…



Time for 100 Squats – Yes, it’s leg day!!

Always to your success, 

Greg Noland


P.S: If you’re a scroller, and wanted to find out the offer without reading…you’ll get a whopping $1,000 off Ben’s course if you invest between April 15th and 19th…


Remember though: Even if you invest in the Ten-Minute Workday, put the work in, and study hard through the course. You might still not have it in you to make a dime back. If you’re a bone dead knucklehead.


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