For sure, 2020 was a shitty year for a lot of people.

For many people 2020, has even been disastrous.

Employees laid off after years or even decades of faithful service to their employers.

Business owners who’ve poured their heart and soul into their companies…

..having to shut down because of lockdowns and quarantines.

Men and women desperately waiting for more government help while politicians argue over crap.

But here’s the thing.

This last week I was watching a series on Netflix about the world’s most wanted criminals.

Most of them were from the Middle East, Africa, or Soviet Europe.

And many of these criminals would hide out in slums where the odds of anyone finding them were minuscule.

So the cameraman is filming these cities, and all I could think is wow.

Entire neighbourhoods that look like a war zone.

African shantytowns made of thin concrete and tin roofs.

Sweltering heat with no air conditioners insight.

At which point I felt a deep sense of gratitude for everything I have.

See, in the West – and especially in the Internet Marketing community – we’re constantly comparing ourselves to people who have more than us.

Constantly pushing for more more more.

But in reality, if you have a regular bed, a roof over your head, a heater and food in your fridge…

…you’re already living like a Superstar.

People who live in real poverty would KILL to live the way “poor” people in the West live.

So, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with constantly striving for a “better” life…

…never forget there are literally billions of people “below” us who would trade their struggles for our struggles in a heartbeat.

Just a little reflection on gratitude this thanksgiving period of the year.


Hope this helps in some way…

stay safe with Greg Noland

To your better life,


Greg Noland

Red Scorpion’s Head Copywriter


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