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“Greg, you changed our lives. My husband has been out of work since December, 2016. A friend shared your link with him… Today, he had a phone interview. He got the job. Thank you so much.” – Clare Jones

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Would Your Resume Beat the 10 Second Test?

Take a few seconds to think about your dream job…the company you’d give anything to work at.

Now imagine the CEO agreed to look at your resume.

There’s just one catch: You only get 10 seconds of his time.

Now, be completely honest with yourself: Would your resume stand out? Would it be memorable?

Would your resume get you the job of your dreams?

Hi, my name is Greg Noland,

I help my clients crack the code behind crafting a world-class resume.

I’ve spent 100’s of hours writing and tweaking my clients resumes to help them realize the job of their dreams. And now I can do the same for you.

We all know the feeling of sending our resumes to a company. Excited to tell them why we’re perfect for the job…then waiting, and waiting…and never hearing back. Just crickets in the wind…

Then you do it over, and over again. Wondering if they even got your resume. Waking up early and clicking “refresh” in your inbox…then sighing.

This does NOT have to happen to you anymore.

I specialize in creating emotionally stimulating resumes and cover letters which get interviews. Almost every time.

Don’t make the same mistakes over 87% of people going for a new job make.

Crush your opposition in your next interview and transform your life.

Get in touch today, and let’s get you the job you deserve!

You can use this link to contact me via the Upwork platform:


Talk soon,

Greg “Quality Resumes Rock” Noland






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