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If you’ve ever read any of Russell Brunson’s “Secrets” books, then you already know that each of them has some serious funnel-building and sales generating superpowers…

But what you probably DON’T know is that Russell spent a ton of time he never anticipated re-writing his entire Expert Secrets book…

It was just supposed to be a “quick update”… a little refresh.

But once he got going, he couldn’t stop, and by the time he was done, his 2nd edition had about 50K new words, which is OVER half the book! 😆😆

So it’s basically a whole new book!

Which is why I was so pumped to finally be able to order my copy!

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This book has been in the works for MONTHS…and I’m pumped to get my new copy!

And I devoured every page and tactic from the day forward.

You see, I pretty much ruined my first copy of Expert Secrets.

I took it everywhere. Even to the gym.

I remember many a session in the sauna after my workout crawling through the pages.

Obviously it got wet, but as long as I could read it, and the pages didn’t rip, I was happy.

I also scribbled notes on nearly every single page. It ended up looking like a kid’s crayon book after I’d highlighted so many sections.

And that’s another reason why I am anxiously waiting for my new, revised version of Expert Secrets.

How do you read a book?

Do you have a strategy?

Here is a rough outline of how I get the most out of a book like this.

  1. First reading: I read through the whole of the first and last chapters.
  2. Then I read the first and last paragraphs of every chapter.
  3. No notes. No highlighting. No questions. On the first reading.
  4. Second reading: Then I go through with a yellow highlighter and highlight all the key ideas I think can help me with the current projects I’m working on with my core business.
  5. Third reading: Then I come back with a pencil and other colour highlighters. Making notes, writing questions etc.
  6. Then I try discuss the book with at least one person and encourage them to ask me questions.


You know a topic much deeper when you have to teach it.

Look, I know you might be thinking…

“Dang, does Greg really want me to read this book three times?”

“I’d rather not waste my time and just read it.”

Well, you know yourself better than I do.

But most people I coach rarely finish a book.

They have the best intentions, but get distracted and don’t finish.

And many of my coaching clients tell me they are “very good book buyers – but terrible readers”.

This reminds me of a story Dan Kennedy once told me…

I can’t remember the exact words Dan used, but it goes something like this…


Two lumberjacks were told by their boss to each cut down a tree and whoever finished first could take the next day off as a rewards.

The problem is they both had very old and dull saws. So the first lumberjack does not waste a second.

He goes straight to sawing. He’s working hard. But he’s not making much progress, although he knows that the more sawing he does, the closer he gets to cutting the tree down.

After 30 minutes of super-hard work, the lumberjack looks over to the other man and sees him casually sitting on the floor.

The first man says “what on earth are you doing? This is a race and you have not even started buddy.”

The second man looks back calmly as he runs a sharpening stone over his saw. “My saw is dull. I’ve got to sharpen it before I can do any real work.”

The first lumberjack just laughs as he goes back to frantically sawing as the second man continues sharpening.

Another 15 minutes later the first lumberjack can hardly pull the saw another time and he is only halfway through the tree.

At this point the second man puts down his sharpening stone, gets to his tree, and in one smooth stroke, cuts the whole tree down.

He then sits back down and begins to plan his day off.


How often do you find yourself racing to do the cutting before you set yourself up for real success?

Sharpening the saw applies to every walk of life. Be efficient with your time and you’ll have plenty more to share with others.

My strategy for reading a book, might not be the perfect way for you, but perhaps you can try some of the process.

The truth is, a ton of people don’t even use a highlighter when reading a book.

That’s bonkers in my mind.


Anyway, I gotta help my next-door neighbour chop a tree down. And I’ve got the sharpest axe in town.

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