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So what should your resume contain?







Your resume should contain information on your accomplishments.


  • Should tell a story – everyone loves a good story, even busy CEO’s…
  • Begin with an ACTION
  • Show how the company will benefit by hiring you
  • Show the benefit in numbers if possible
  • Accomplishments should start in the top half of page one
  • Consider putting accomplishments in the experience section


When speaking about your accomplishments in the past be very specific, eg…


  • Achieved over 15% sales growth 9 months in a row…
  • Increased revenue of $127, 450.
  • Closed 1 in 5 cold leads.


For your education, tell the truth.

Don’t put skills in your resume that you don’t have. And don’t exaggerate.

Don’t write ‘French and German’ if you can’t get past ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Guten Tag’…


You can leave out things that would be harmful. But always be honest about what you do include.

Be sure you add information about any schools, degrees, dates of graduation, high GPAs etc.

Include time in college even if you didn’t graduate.


Obviously there is only so much that I can help you with on this short course…

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