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It’s only 13 minutes, and you could probably put it on 1.5 speed if you’re really pushed for time.

Look, I’ve been where you are. For longer than I care to admit.

It sucks waiting for your pay cheque, right?

I hated it. Always too much month left at the end of the money.

But I did something about it.

I searched online, for years in fact, trying to make the ‘laptop lifestyle’ I always heard about.

But hey, it wasn’t the pina coladas sitting by the pool which first grabbed my attention.

It was having the “time freedom” to work when I wanted.

And hey, I don’t mind working. If it’s something valuable. Something making my life ‘richer’, not sorting out someone’s bank account.

I’ll easily work a 60 hour / 70 hour week, if it’s for my business.

But I wanna work when I wanna work. Not when some annoying boss tells me too. And often by someone half my age! Yikes…

Look I’m pressed for time too.

Sales of CBD based products are exploding…

The CBD market is BOOMING.

And I don’t wanna waste a second…

But I just wanted to ask you to join my team.


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