If you’re interested in becoming a world-class copywriter, read on…

Have you heard of Stefan Georgi?

If not, you’re in for a real treat.

Some copywriters think you can develop your career by studying the greats like Caples, Schwartz and Halbert.

And while I think you should study those Titans of Copywriting

You should study some of the modern powerhouses too.

And they don’t come more accomplished than Stefan Georgi.

I think it’s nearly 2 years since I first met Stefan and he truly has been the perfect mentor along the way.

Always supportive. Always full of great ideas. And I love the way he’s always got another angle to suggest.

If you’ve been copywriting for a while, you’ll know having a copy coach is the faster way to improve your sales pages or ads.


Stefan’s Copy Accelerator Mastermind is quickly becoming the go-to group for copywriters and marketers.

But it doesn’t come cheap.

Try $30k+ for a seat at the golden table.

But if you can’t afford that kind of investment in your copywriting career right now…

Worry not…

Stefan has released his RMBC method.

Why should you listen to Stefan Georgi?

Stefan has had more top 10 sellers on Clickbank than any other copywriter to my knowledge.

This is one of those exceptional feats where we say “this feat will never be beaten”.

Now, I don’t particularly like phrases like that, because I’m the eternal optimist…

I love to feel like everything can be improved upon.

And perhaps you’ll be able to beat Stefan’s record.

And why not?

Look, the truth is…

Stefan really does have super-human powers of copywriting.

But he’s still human.

So, you could spend the next 10 years studying copywriting and improving your craft.

Or, you could invest in Stefan’s RMBC Method today and in 3 months’ time be crafting copy so awesome that your name is starting to light up on the internet.

In 6 months, you could be earning $10,000 a month from your copywriting.

Or even $10,000 a week or more.

Obvious income disclaimer here…

When you invest in Stefan’s RMBC Method there are no guarantees you’ll make a single dime.

There are plenty of people out there who buy courses, but never do the work.

Please don’t be one of them.

If you know you’re a lazy ass, and won’t put your heart and soul into the training, then close this page now…

Go back to the sofa, turn on Netflix and enjoy your life.

You don’t have what it takes to be successful as a copywriter.


If you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone…

Go through the whole course, and all the bonuses, like your life depended on it…

Then Stefan’s RMBC Method really can be your golden ticket to the copywriting big time.


Stefan Georgi Charges $50k Per Sales Letter For A Reason

I’ve had a few people email me since I started promoting Stefan’s RMBC Method.

They had a common theme…

“Greg, does Stefan Georgi really make $50 a sales letter…”

And the answer is yes.

If you’re thinking why would someone pay him so much…

The answer is clear.

Because Stefan makes his clients far more than $50k.

Just think about it for a minute…

If you had a product and your current funnel was bringing you $10,000 profit per month…

But then Stefan rewrote the copy for your funnel, and now you’re making $100,000 per month…

Don’t you think paying Stefan $50k is well worth it?

Of course it is.

Only a complete idiot wouldn’t employ Stefan.

Look, I’d love to explain another 46 reasons why you should invest in Stefan’s RMBC Method.

But I have to take my cat to the vet…

And if you’re still on the fence you can go for the payment plan, link here:

Four payments: https://www.greg-noland.com/rmbc-1

stay safe with Greg Noland

You Can Do This. I Know You Can.

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,

Greg Noland

Direct Response Copywriter

P.S. What’s standing between you and the success you crave?

What are you afraid of?

What’s keeping you from sending your writing samples to a client who could make your career and then calling him or her to close the deal?

What’s keeping you from partnering with a copywriter/marketer who could take your company to the moon?

The best definition of the word “courage” I’ve ever heard is … “Being afraid and doing the right thing anyway.”

So here’s your assignment for today: Identify the one thing that stands between you and the success you dream about – the one thing that terrifies you the most.

And then – DO IT.

PPS: Then invest in Stefan’s RMBC Method. You’ll be so glad you did, 6 months from now.

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