It’s been over two years. Too long in fact.

But one of my favourite marketers is back!!

Bill Glazer (yes, THAT Bill Glazer – the “Glazer” in Glazer-Kennedy) had a stroke in 2015, so he’s been a LITTLE quiet since then.

But he’s back, and he’s back in style.

Turns out, he’s been putting together a book. It’s called OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful.

49 campaigns from some of the most successful marketers in the world.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Russell Brunson. Like him or not, he’s a very successful entrepreneur. He’s in there.

Ryan Deiss? Check.

Mike Koenigs? You betcha!

You know the NUMBER ONE reason why you must invest in this book?

Yes, all proceeds go to a very worthy cause. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS are going to charity.

But this is BIG for your business…

Bill has taken EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN and analyzed exactly why it works and how you can use it in your own business, whatever industry you’re in.

Awesome right??

All you’ve got to do is copy the campaign and make money.


So you get to do good for the world AND do good for your business!!!!

You can’t get the book on Amazon—the only place you can buy it is



And, if you get it before Friday, Bill’s got an OUTRAGEOUS gift for you: the launch swipe file he created for his partners to promote the book. Every email, image and social media post. Bill paid THOUSANDS of dollars to get these. You can use them as inspiration for your own launch campaigns for ANY product or service.

I suggest you grab your copy before one of your competitors gets a hold of it 🙂


To your success

Greg Noland

P.S. You’re bound to find at least one, and probably half a dozen, ways to grow your business in this book!

P.P.S. Remember: all the proceeds go to charity (so buy a few extra copies for your friends!).


P.P.S. Buy your copy before April 13th so you can get Bill’s swipe file