D’ja Know How To Get CLARITY in Your Marketing? (5/5)

Let’s get right to it…   Most small business owners are so busy and focused on working for their business that they never really get around to working on their business.  Because they are focused on today’s fire, there is little to no time spent thinking about or better yet acting on how to actually…

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The Secret Campaign That Generated A 742% ROI..3/5

It’s an unspoken acceptance of mediocrity that many, perhaps, most businesses are happy that they barely break even with a measly 25%-50% return on their marketing dollars.   Jimmy Nicholas, Founder and CEO of Jimmy Marketing, a marketing agency who helps doctors in private practice predictably attract more ideal patients from the web, and routinely blows those…

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Dan Kennedy is going LIVE in 1 Hour…2/5

Thursday September 21 at 11:00 AM ET   Just wanted to remind you that in an hour, Dan Kennedy is going LIVE with four special guests who are going to reveal how they used Magnetic Marketing to erase the cold calling and blind prospecting evils of lead generation and marketing.   His special guests are:   ·         Rich…

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Free Day w/Dan Kennedy – Magnetic Marketing 1/5

How They Turned “Pain” Into Fun …   If you’ve been following any of my Direct Response Marketing blogs over the last 10 years or so, you’ll know i owe everything to Dan Kennedy. So I was delighted when he told me he was doing some free training and he wants you to benefit from…

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Wanna Be A King of Marketing?

If you truly are serious about becoming a king of marketing, you MUST follow everything the great Dan Kennedy does. He is mountains above all the so-called ‘marketing goo-roos’ touting their ‘stuff’ to you every day. Dan Kennedy Copyblogger thinks so highly of Dan Kennedy, that they have a 5 Part Series on him, titled,…

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GKIC – The Place for Prosperity

Get $633.91 worth of Money-Making Marketing Secrets …for Free!!! Learn how at the end of this short video.   http://www.greg-noland.com/recommends/gkic – Click this link to discover how to attract a flood of your ideal customers in the next 60 days…AND…   Finally … Get The Results You Have Always Wanted But Struggled To Achieve Learn…

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What would YOU give to finally have a real business?

G’day, Greg here! How have you been going with my latest ‘Success Series’? If you’ve been on Planet Zog for a few days and missed this epic series CLICK HERE for Day 1.   Before I continue with the Success Series, something important has come across my desk this morning, which I believe you must…

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Marketing Lesson #1: Selling What’s Hot (Part 1)

Everywhere you look… (if you know what you’re looking for) you see worthless marketing everywhere. I’m sure you get the same crappy emails I get and the same awful flyers through your door which just give a massive company logo, and contact information of the business. Offline, I see billboards that businesses use for ‘branding.’  Really, all I…

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3 Step Customer Growth System for $1

Get your digital copy of the “3-Step Customer Growth System” for Just $1! If You Are A Business Owner or Entrepreneur looking to get more from you existing customers …Then Here’s a ONE-Time-Only Chance to Get a copy of the uncommon, yet powerful “3-Step Customer Growth System” for Just $1! Click HERE for your copy for…

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Got What it Takes to Be a Renegade Millionaire?

A fantastic guest post from my friend and mentor, Dan Kennedy. All the best marketers of the modern day like Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss were trained, and are still trained by the ‘Guru of Gurus’. The Power of Mastery I am about to tell you how to add $25,000.00, $50,000.00, maybe $100,00.00 a year…

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