Trump VS Cruz – Whose Wife Is Hotter?

I’ll leave it for you to decide The buffoonery in the US republican national race is both crazy but oh so entertaining. I think we all know whose wife is hotter. At least I do. But regardless of beauty, the end results is going to come down to the candidate who can communicate best with…

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woman and business plan

What Makes an Internet Marketer Successful?

I’ve had the privilege of being trained by some of the world’s top marketers in my time. Did they cost a pretty penny? Of course they did, quality doesn’t come cheap you know. But it’s like anything in life. If you do the right research, and find out who truly is the ‘dog’s bollocks’, and…

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Are You Just “Winging Internet Marketing?”

Are you just winging it? Would you prefer a slightly more polite word, like ‘Improvising?’ (I don’t want to upset your little cotton socks, do I now? Are you relying on what Dan Kennedy calls ‘hope and pray marketing’? Or do you have a clear-cut strategy to grow your business? Oh, you do, do you?…

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The Story About Two Sisters From The Same Mother . .

One summer evening, two Sisters each started a side line business. Both sisters were married. Both had two children under the age of 8. And both wanted more quality time with their families. Each sister had read about the potential to make a lot of money in their own business. Both had bought into money…

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dean-holland-big-commission-blueprint-part 2

My Big Commission Blueprint Review Part 2

…After two and a bit weeks. I hope I built your curiosity up to read about part 2 of my Big Commission Blueprint Review. But honestly, my review wasn’t supposed to be in 2 parts, but sometimes things come up and they have to be dealt with.       So did you take a…

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dean-holland-big-commission-blueprint-part 1

My Big Commission Blueprint Review Part 1

…After Two Weeks.. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll have seen that I’ve started to review some of the products that I am using. I started to do this, because I want to give you my full and frank opinion of the tools, app, programs and coaching I am using to help you…

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“Do You Want A Newbie or A Master Training You?”

One of the biggest lessons in life which you usually learn AFTER your teenage years is that you DON’T know everything. And as an internet marketer one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that I need a coach. And I think it’s obvious (but not to everyone) but if you want to learn…

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